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On the 14th of January 2006 our family celebrated the sixth anniversary from our wedding day. It is frequently said that the seventh year of mutual life is like a crisis, but we are not superstitious and believe neither in statistics nor in stars prognosis.

Семья НикулкиныхA big part of our life is closely connected with Kuragino family club for winter swimmers "Lydinka". We obtained new friends, got acquainted interesting people, but the main thing is that we found each other - I and my husband Vladimir.

We came to the club almost simultaneously: I joined the club in October 1994, and he in January 1995. We had a friendly youth company: attended "Lydinka" meetings, had walking tours, celebrated holidays and had a good time together. On the 14th of January 2000 we got married not only officially but were united by cold water also. All walruses joined to our wedding party in the tight rooms of the club. Our daughter Yulia was born on the 2nd of February 2003, and on the 23rd of November 2004 Vladimir the Younger was born.

"Lydinka" is the second home for them now, and Zinaida Ivanovna turned from Mother Zina to Granny Zina. Every weekend our family comes to the club to feel the flood of energy and health. We are devoted to our club. My husband was the member of the team in the forth International Competitions near the peninsula Vrangel. Three-day swimming for 140 km in Sea of Japan along Nakhodka-Vladivostok route was devoted to the 50-ieth anniversary of victory in WWII. Our children took the prizes in their age group. In March 2000 we took part in 5-day swimming on the Ob River in Barnaul. Winter swimming is an extreme and peculiar kind of sport.

Круглый год в реке купаться,
Даже если лед и снег,
И моржами называться
Приглашаем всех!

It is very difficult to choose winners, but for all participants it is a unique possibility to challenge the organism strength and get acquainted with people who hold the same views. We get in touch with many of them via Internet. We communicate with winter swimming amateurs from almost all parts of our Motherland and also outside of it. But the community of our friends is not limited only by winter swimming amateurs. Some years ago we became friends with boys from Abakan. Since that time they have visited us every summer. They are very enthusiastic, easy going and merry without alcohol and tobacco. We try to use every opportunity to visit nature, but if there is an obstacle for it - why not to have a friendly chat with nice people indoors.

We propagandize healthy mode of life. We search people who hold the same views via Internet. But our interests are not limited only by this task. I am a technician-meteorologist by profession, but now the main job is my family. The sphere of my personal interests is concerned with educational literature, knitting (mainly for my children). My husband Vladimir is the man who regards a job as the source of moral satisfaction. His job in a small television company helps him partially to realize his creative abilities. The sphere of his interests is very diverse: radio technique, drawing, fishing, computer graphics, WEB-design, photo and video shooting and many other things. Our mutual interests are tours, rafting.

На Шалоболинской писанице. На территории нашего района располагается уникальная галерея неолитического искусства, Шалоболинская писаница. Рисунки по хронологическим рамкам охватывают период от неолита и до этнографической современности.

We are fond of nature. Every summer we take our bicycles and have tours over the region. Total area of the Kuragino region is 25,000 square km. The nature is great, but the history is different and sometimes tragic. The aim of our tours is to try ourselves, to withstand difficulties. There is a possibility to touch the history, to feel that we are its part also. We may learn something not only from historical books and other people stories. When seeing historical places in reality, you may imagine vividly the past of our Motherland with all historical figures and events. We feel like old photos may revive.

The Region is great, and we`d like to see and learn more about it. Our nature beauties are unique. And it is worth much better than all the bruises, multiple insect bites and spent calories while touring. There is always place for adventure in life! What we have seen and felt is presented in our tour reports. Any person from World Wide Web can read about our adventures. Our children are too young to accompany us everywhere, but they also managed to visit many interesting places. Yulia started her touring life from 4, and she withstands all its difficulties. Her tours were only one-day length, but even that is a big trial for a child. Water is her passion. If there is water somewhere around, you may guess about her activities. Vova, if compare with Yulie, didn`t visit many places. Our great surprise is how different children of the same parents may be.

And here you start to realize that people`s character is given by nature even before the birth. Yulie may sit in a sand-box and play with sand by hours, but Vova requires constant attention. He wants to be looked after and pleased for success. He gained his success with his incredible persistence, even super persistence. His strong character was seen even in the period of his first steps. As soon as he was 9 months old, he made his first steps. Then he walked every day, fell and got up, fell and got up and all that silently without cries! I started diary after his birth. I noted down children`s peculiarities, deeds and words. I also collect Yulia`s drawings. All drawings are dated. Now her favorite theme of drawing is a small round loaf (Kolobok): Kolobok-father, Kolobok-mother, Kolobok-Yulia, Kolobok-Vova. And our father is constantly on duty with his camera to catch the most interesting moments of their lives.

Интересно, почему на пляже так мало народа?

I am sure when my children become adult; it will be very interesting for them to learn more about their childhood. It would be nice to bring up in them love for sports and nature, healthy mode of life by our own examples. If a person loves and takes care of nature, he can`t be a mean person. Some years ago we had an idea to combine all our hobbies, create an Internet site and tell everybody about us. And it works! Our mutual hobbies help us widen our knowledge and friend community. We learnt much about our Motherland and our native place, its people. Some want to go abroad to visit different sights and resorts, but do many people know the history of their native place? Have you ever been in the nearest museum, have you ever climbed the mountain which you see every morning going to work?

What do you know about your native place, the place of our birth and life-long living? Now we may proudly say that we know a lot about our native place and may tell our friends about it. It is especially pleasant to get the messages with thanks from former country-fellows from different parts of the state: Yakutia, Chita, Vladivostok, Odessa, Moskow. These are the places from which we got letters with gratitude for the help to recall their childhood and native places. We helped to some of them find relatives and friends from childhood, lost by different reasons.

Mass media transmit horrible news, blood freezing reports. People become cruel to each other, feeling the evil around. Looking at it, you may start feeling pity to yourself. You realize how low your salary is, how cold the weather and the world are, how unjust people`s laws are… It looks like the whole world has gone mad. But is it really so? Are there any people on earth with true interest to simple human values? We know they exist!

Turn your eyes from the TV screen, leave your cozy sleepers at home, go outdoors and look around! Wonderful people are everywhere. Don`t wait for someone to come to you and make your life better - your happiness is in your own hands!

Live more interesting!

Семья Никулкиных,
Курагинский район

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